Star Expert IoT Specialist

Star Expert IoT Specialist




Star Expert IoT Specialist

This course helps participants to have detail knowledge of IoT system, from Sensor to SoC board integration and to Constrained IoT environment. Also, participants will able to create web interface to IoT system and perform Data (analytic) of Data collected from millions of Sensors.


Beginner to Intermediate

Course Objectives:

  • IoT with IT perspective a long with design of embedded system
  • IoT analytics for smart la systems
  • IoT Protocols and standards
  • Evolving word of M2M communications

Course Outcome:

After competing this course, you Will be able to:

  • Design and implement IoT based solutions
  • Implement web interface to IoT system
  • Predictive analysis for IoT data.

Table Of Contents Outline:

  • Basics of IoT
  • Integrating Sensors with (open source boards and programming)
  • IoT application examples
  • IoT standards and Protocols
  • Web Interface to IoT systems
  • Wireless technology for IoT
  • Ipv6 for IoT
  • IoT and Decision Science
  • Predictive analytic for IoT 


Additional information

Exam Codes

IOT S08-514 (Academy customers use the same codes)

Launch Date

Jul 11 2017

Number of Questions


Type of Questions


Length of Test

120 Minutes

Recommended Experience

Beginner to Intermediate

Passing Score