Star Certified DevOps Expert

Star Certified DevOps Expert




Star Certified DevOps Expert

Every IT industry needs to keep a separate track of their Development and Operation processes independently while DevOps is game changing technology that makes a big difference in interrelating two paradigms. DevOps has Software development methods that highlights collaboration and open communication between teams. DevOps Teams are composed of developers and operations professionals working together to create sounder, more failureproof software. Teams that have adopted the DevOps ethos have a better handle to IT incidents and suffer less downtime. The different phases involved in DevOps are plan code, Build test, release, deploy, operate and monitor. The covers all above phases of Software development and operations..


Graduates and Professionals with CSE/IT background with basic knowledge of programming and operating system.

Course Objectives:

  • understand importance Of DevOps in Today’s world, Scope of DevOps in following years.

  • Learn Concepts of DevOps and its relation With Software development process

  • Master Concept of Containerization and its implementation using docker

  • Hands on Implementation and Use of Different tools in Real Life Examples.

  • Learn Basics, Different Open Source Tools such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet. Jenkins, Vagrant etc. used for development and operations.

  • Concepts Version control with hands on GIT, Monitoring and management operations using Nagios.

Course Outcome:

After competing this course, you Will be able to:

  • Understand Importance of DevOps and Software development methods.
  • Understand the benefits Of DevOps in IT industry.
  • Use Different Open Source Tools like Ansible, Chef, Jenkins etc. for problem solving.
  • Help an organization to reduce their downtime.
  • Respond Faster to Client Need and fulfill their requirements.

Table Of Contents Outline:

  • DevOps Basics, History, Cloud Computing Basics.
  • Linux Essentials.
  • Essentials of Cloud Computing and Virtualization.
  • All about Docker and Containers.
  • Ansible, Layers, Testing and Running a Playbook.
  • Chef.
  • Data bags.
  • Jenkins.
  • puppet.
  • Source Code Management using GIT.
  • Nagios Monitoring.

Additional information

Exam Codes

DevOps S08-115 (Academy customers use the same codes)

Launch Date

Jul 11 2017

Number of Questions


Type of Questions


Length of Test

180 Minutes

Passing Score


Recommended Experience

Graduates and Professionals with CSE/ IT background with basic knowledge of programming and operating systems.