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Star Software Testing Certification is a certification program developed by Star Certification. This program teaches you the fundamental concepts of the testing and its principles. It also teaches you how the Testing is linked to Software Development Life Cycle. This Certification Program also teaches you about different Testing Techniques such as static and dynamic. You will learn to define test cases and how the same impact your testing. This course also talks about different testing tools available in the market be it commercial or open source for Web, Desktop and Mobile applications. Towards the end. We will discuss about the Agile software testing process.


Beginner to Intermediate.

Course Objectives:

In this course, you will learn about:

  • Concepts and Principles related to testing the application.
  • Testing Tools and Automation Testing.
  • using different tools available for Web, Desktop and Mobile Testing.

Course Outcome:

After competing this course, you Will be able to:

  • Create Test Cases and (generate) Test Reports.
  • Implementing Testing on Multiple tools.
  • Implementing Testing Techniques in your job and be a Testing Expert. 

Table Of Contents Outline:

  • Describing the Essentials of Software Testing.
  • Explaining Testing and Software Life Cycle.
  • Explaining Testing Techniques.
  • Managing Software Tests.
  • Describing the Testing Tools.
  • Describing the Quick Test Professional.
  • Describing the Load Runner.
  • Describing the Open Source Testing tools.
  • Describing Agile Software Testing.
  • Testing Mobile Applications.

Additional information

Exam Codes

Software Testing S07-117 (Academy customers use the same codes)

Launch Date

Jul 11 2017

Number of Questions


Type of Questions


Length of Test

120 Minutes

Passing Score


Recommended Experience

Beginner to Intermediate