Star Expert Security Specialist - SESS

Star Expert Security Specialist – SESS




Star Expert Security Specialist

This course helps the reader to understand the different Networking and security fundamentals, which are must for securing any computer or network from threats and attacks. In this course, you Will learn concepts Of different OSS, related to security.

You will also learn different cryptography techniques, forensic and Digital evidence concepts associated with policing the network systems for attacks. This course is a complete course about securing your organization networks.


EHE (Ethical Hacking Expert), Entry level security administrator.

Course Objectives:

  • Different OS and Networking concepts, which are must for securing the networked systems.
  • Devices and applications required for securing the networks and systems.
  • Different concepts associated with securing the systems, such as hacking, threats, vulnerabilities, DS, Data Backup etc.
  • How to address the different issues related to security while building a robust network.

Course Outcome:

Explore the possibilities of building a Secure Network in the Organization.

Table Of Contents Outline:

     1.Describing the Network Systems and Security Fundamentals.

     2. Exploring the Types of Networks and its fundamentals.

     3. Exploring the Different OSS and Threats associated with it.

     4. Exploring File Systems to secure your systems.

     5. Exploring the Vulnerabilities Associated with OS and Networks.

     6. Exploring the user Login Process.

     7. Exploring the Different Protocols associated With Networks.

     8. Exploring Encryption and Decryption Techniques.

     9. Exploring Different Applications and devices to protect the networks and systems.

   10. Exploring IDS and its Management.

   11. Securing VPN and Wireless Networks.

   12. Securing Web Applications and Servers.

   13. Exploring Forensic Principles and Evidences to Secure Systems and Networks.

   14. Exploring Stenography technique.

   15. Exploring Hacking and its tools.

   16. Exploring Data Backup and Recovery Techniques.

   17. Exploring Incident Response system.

   18. Exploring Monitoring Techniques.

   19. Case Studies.

Additional information

Exam Codes

SESS S09-011 (Academy customers use the same codes)

Launch Date

Jul 01 2017

Number of Questions


Type of Questions


Length of Test

180 Minutes

Passing Score


Recommended Experience

EHE (Ethical Hacking Expert), Entry level security administrator